James Blunt en Pristina, Kosovo [Los Balcanes]

« James Blunt en Pristina, Kosovo [Los Balcanes] » James Blunt A rtículo conseguido en la prensa australiana, en inglés, sobre el cantante b...

«James Blunt en Pristina, Kosovo [Los Balcanes]»

James Blunt

Artículo conseguido en la prensa australiana, en inglés, sobre el cantante británico James Blunt, artista favorito de Ricardo Arjona. Trata este artículo sobre Blunt cuando era Teniente militar en Pristina, la capital de Kosovo, en 1998. Seis años más tarde se convertiría en el cantante que ahora conocemos.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Broadcast: 25/08/2005
Blunt swaps sword for song

Reporter: Mick Bunworth

Lieutenant James Blunt, 1998

KERRY O'BRIEN: While Jimi Hendrix proved it was possible, the path from soldier to rock star is hardly a well-worn one. But now another artist has managed to break away from military life and find success with a guitar. His name is James Blunt and it was just seven years ago that he was riding a tank into the war-torn city of Pristina in Kosovo as a career soldier. Today his preferred mode of transport is the tour bus and he's likely to be on it for some time as his records continue to touch audiences well beyond his home country of England. [Scroll down and Watch his videoclip NO BRAVERY]

James Blunt has been in Australia this week and Mick Bunworth caught up with him in Melbourne.

MICK BUNWORTH: It's 4:30pm and Britain's newest chart sensation arrives for sound check in a Melbourne bar. For the past seven weeks, James Blunt's album has sat atop the British charts. It's now entered the Australian top 10. And still he finds himself on the promotional merry-go-round. Tonight's gig is for invited media industry guests and media only.

But the 28-year-old singer/songwriter has a far more interesting story to tell about his journey to number one than most.

JAMES BLUNT, SINGER/SONGWRITER: My dad was in the Army. The Army's not great pay, but, you know, we moved from Army patch to Army patch wherever that was. The Army also contributed to sending me off to boarding school. Then I went to university and I signed on the dotted line saying, "If the Army helped towards my tuition fees I would then give them four years of my life."

MICK BUNWORTH: Just four years, but that decision took James Blunt to war.

JAMES BLUNT: Hi, I'm Lieutenant James Blunt and this is the first instalment of my video diary.

MICK BUNWORTH: He was part of the NATO force that responded to reported human rights abuses by Yugoslavian forces in Kosovo.

JAMES BLUNT: I was working during the bombing campaign as a reconnaissance officer and, yeah, on the Macedonian-Kosovo border. The justifications in those scenarios are pretty simplistic. When you see people murdering women and children, then you go in and negotiate with them. And if they don't reason with you and they don't stop murdering women and children, then there's really no way you can just walk away from that situation.

MICK BUNWORTH: James Blunt was among the first NATO troops to drive into Kosovo, but he's not keen to dwell on the experience with those that weren't there. You saw some pretty confronting things?

JAMES BLUNT: It was a war zone, yeah.

MICK BUNWORTH: His song No Bravery offers far greater insights into James Blunt's experiences in Kosovo.

JAMES BLUNT, (sings): Brothers lie in shallow graves, fathers lost without a trace, and they're so blind to their disgrace since he's been here. And I see no bravery, no bravery in your eyes anymore, only sadness...

MICK BUNWORTH: Ask James Blunt about his transition from soldier to popular singer/song writer and it sounds like the most natural change in the world.

JAMES BLUNT: I got out of the Army three years ago now and doing that last year, made some demos and worked with some people and got some songs together. And then, about the time I got out of my job, I got myself a manager.

MICK BUNWORTH: Taking a risk in paying for himself and his band to travel to the fabled South by South-West music convention in Austin, Texas, James Blunt got lucky and was signed after a showcase gig to just 25 music industry representatives.

JAMES BLUNT: I've had some lucky breaks, but I think you have to make those lucky breaks. What we don't normally discuss is the doors that were closed in our faces, the numerous gigs that I played to five people and, you know, the kind of expense of going all over the country and England. And, as it was, I happened to get my record deal out in Austin, Texas.

MICK BUNWORTH: Ask him how it feels to have a number one record and James Blunt bats the question away with a typically quite self-effacing answer?

JAMES BLUNT: The national charts is a really confusing thing to get involved in in the first place. It implies some kind of competition within something that is totally uncompetitive. It's artistic and it's music. I never really set out to do anything in the charts with music. It came as a total surprise that I did, and it's fun.

MICK BUNWORTH: And he is having fun, even if it's sometimes hidden behind James Blunt's poker face. Are you ready for public life?

JAMES BLUNT: I think in any other country it would be really hard but, fortunately, I come from Britain and the British press are really gentle on all of us, so, you know, what could possibly go wrong?

"Hi, I'm Lieutenant James Blunt and this is the first instalment of my video diary."

SOURCE: The 7.30 report | Videos de James Blunt |

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BLOGARJONA: Sitio Web no Oficial #RicardoArjona - #CircoSoledad: James Blunt en Pristina, Kosovo [Los Balcanes]
James Blunt en Pristina, Kosovo [Los Balcanes]
BLOGARJONA: Sitio Web no Oficial #RicardoArjona - #CircoSoledad
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